Comprehensive Financial Planning

Wealth Health's Comprehensive Financial Planning provides you with financial management designed to meet all of your financial needs.

Your Wealth Health advisory team works with you one-on-one to develop a long-term strategy designed to achieve your goals.

The process begins with an overall assessment of your personal situation. Once assessed, Wealth Health gathers the necessary information on all aspects of your financial life. From here, Wealth Health analyzes the various elements of your individual situation and diagnoses and prepares specific recommendations on key aspects of your Compensation & Benefits, Income Taxes, Cash Flow & Insurance needs, Education Funding needs, Retirement and Estate Plans, and Asset Protection and Investment issues.

The planning process doesn't stop here. At each step of the way, your Wealth Health advisor assists you in implementing the recommendations made to achieve your financial independence. Implementation of all stages is followed up with intense monitoring and thorough review designed to make sure you continue on the right path to achieving your goals.

One of the most important aspects of building and managing your wealth is knowing how best to take advantage of your company's compensation plans.

Knowing how to properly integrate your 401(k), stock options, deferred compensation, health & welfare benefits, ESPP, and other plans can make the difference in reaching your financial goals.

From pre/post IPO stock option planning to evaluating the value of employment contracts and/or severance packages, your Wealth Health advisor will allow you to make the most of your employment's compensation.

Wealth Health continually monitors and analyzes your individual income tax situation throughout the year. Through annual projections, quarterly estimates, investment tax loss harvesting and awareness, tax savings techniques, and high-level analysis of your federal, state, and AMT liabilities, Wealth Health helps you to manage your financial objectives in light of the burden of income taxes.

Wealth Health provides you with detailed cash flow projections designed at uncovering the various elements of your monthly, quarterly, and annual budgeting. Wealth Health helps you manage your cash flow income, expenses, surplus, and deficits, to help ensure peace of mind in dealing with your cash flow needs.

Wealth Health's honest and objective approach to insurance planning means that you will receive advice on purchasing insurance that matches your needs. Whether it's life, health, umbrella, property & casualty, disability, or long-term care, your Wealth Health advisor will find the insurance right for you.

Through the integration of your annual cash flow, the growth on your investment assets, and the proper utilization of your retirement plans, Wealth Health seeks to manage your financial situation so that you have the assets and income needed to meet your retirement objectives.

One of Wealth Health's core principles is integrating the appropriate investment plan into your long-term financial planning. Your Wealth Health advisor will regularly review your overall asset allocation to be sure it matches both your needs and risk tolerance. In addition, Wealth Health will actively seek out opportunities for enhancing your portfolio's success through tax strategies, portfolio rebalancing, cost savings opportunities, and manager enhancement.

With the high and ever increasing costs of college tuition, pre-funding your children's college educations is sure to be one of your top priorities. Your Wealth Health advisor is extremely knowledgeable in the area of education funding and will work with you to best develop a funding plan and the best savings vehicles, e.g., 529 Plans, UTMA, etc.

It All Starts With a Plan

Wealth Health's Financial Planning is where your journey to peace of mind and financial independence begins.

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