Integrated Wealth Management

Understanding your wealth management needs means understanding your long-term objectives. Knowing your long-term objectives requires an understanding of your individual income tax situation, cash flow resources, compensation and benefits, and education funding needs. These aspects of your personal finances must be balanced with your estate planning objectives and the insurance required for your peace of mind.

The various elements of your financial life are extremely interrelated and the proper management of these elements can be the difference between achieving and not achieving your long-term goals.

Wealth Health's Integrated Wealth Management provides a solution to coordinating your financial management needs among multiple advisors and objectives. To avoid the fragmentation of your financial objectives caused by the difficulty of working with various professionals, Wealth Health serves as your single source of contact for all of your financial planning and wealth management needs. As the quarterback of your personal financial team, your Wealth Health advisor calls the plays that will lead you to financial freedom.

Integration of Financial Services

Wealth Health's Integrated Wealth Management combines Comprehensive Financial Planning, Income Tax Preparation & Compliance, and Portfolio Management to provide you with a one-stop resource for your financial needs. In addition, estate planning objectives set during the financial planning phase are put into action through Wealth Health's network of highly skilled and experienced estate planning professionals for document preparation and estate administration. Furthermore, based on Wealth Health's tenant of complete objectivity and honesty, your insurance needs discovered during the planning stage are met by Wealth Health's various insurance providers and in no case are referral fees and/or commissions paid to your Wealth Health advisor.

Your life is too busy to worry about the many complex aspects of your personal finances.

Wealth Health's Integrated Wealth Planning was designed to alleviate your concerns about these challenges, allowing you to focus on those things in life that matter most – family, career, & personal interests.

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