About Us

Why We're Different

  • Independent
  • Comprehensive Services
  • Experienced
  • Untainted
  • Open Architecture


Wealth Health is an independent Registered Investment Advisor, owned and operated exclusively by the Principals of Wealth Health. Wealth Health provides its clients with the most objective and best advice for their individual situation, not for Wealth Health's profit. Unlike many banks and brokerages, Wealth Health does not have separate relationships with the companies in our portfolios and does not own or sell any investment products.

Comprehensive Services

Wealth Health provides its clients with Financial Planning, Investment Management, and Income Tax Preparation services. In addition, Wealth Health advises its clients on Estate, Retirement, Real Estate, and Insurance Planning. We are a one source provider of for your personal wealth management needs and can work closely with any of your other advisors.


At Wealth Health, our advisory staff includes CFPs, CPAs, JDs, and MBAs, all with outstanding and varied experience in the many disciplines required to service the needs of wealthy individuals. When working with Wealth Health, you work directly with your Wealth Health advisor, i.e., you are not passed along a chain of sales persons and company representatives.


As seen time and time again, Wall Street firms have repeatedly undergone a cycle of questionable ethics, SEC investigations, and inside scandals. Each time investors think that the large firms have learned from their mistakes, more mistakes happen. Institutional cultures and corporate profit goals consistently create conflicts of interests that should not exist for financial planners and investment managers. As mentioned above, Wealth Health is completely independent and fee-only, thereby reducing potential conflicts of interest.

Open Architecture

As mentioned above, Wealth Health is 100% independent and thus has a complete open architecture when it comes to selecting investment managers, custodians, insurance providers, mortgage bankers, estate planners, etc.. Our promise to you is that we will select the best available services, managers, and other professionals to meet your needs.

At Wealth Health, we truly believe that our model for Financial Planning and Investment Advisory services is by far the most appropriate and valuable model for providing you and your family with the security, peace of mind, and trust that you deserve. We feel that you should be able to have complete trust in your advisor, just as you would in your family doctor, lawyer, or other most trusted advisor. Whether it is personal or financial, our mission is ensuring that you can live the life you want to live, while knowing that your family's future is in the hands of your most trusted advisor.