Portfolio Management

To appropriately integrate your investment needs into your comprehensive financial plan, Wealth Health's Portfolio Management service builds upon the asset allocation objectives set in your individual financial projections.

Once your top level asset allocation goals are outlined, your Wealth Health advisor will evaluate your investment portfolio in detail and set you on a course toward your financial independence.

All investment team members operate under the 3 pillars of Wealth Health's Portfolio Management, they are –

  • Honesty & Objectivity
  • Cost & Tax Efficiency
  • Careful Attention to Your Needs & Risk Tolerance

In light of today's volatile markets, corporate scandals, and dishonest investment practices, we believe honesty and objectivity is the most important aspect of a sound investment portfolio.

Wealth Health is an independent fee-only Registered Investment Advisor unaffiliated with any large investment firm. We sell no products and receive no commissions on any investment products. All recommendations are made through our exhaustive due diligence process and are tailored to meet your specific needs.

At Wealth Health, we know the value of money and the importance each and every dollar makes in achieving your financial goals. That's why our investment management process focuses on minimizing the costs associated with managing your portfolio.

Minimizing the effect that expenses have on your portfolio is often the difference between over and underperforming your desired goals. For this reason, Wealth Health consistently keeps transaction fees, expense ratios, and 3rd party manager fees as low as possible so the focus of your investment portfolio remains on effectiveness, not fees.

The measure of any portfolio is not 'what you make', but rather 'what you take home'. After-tax performance is the true measure of the success of your portfolio and is one of Wealth Health's core investment principles.

Through your financial plan and thorough personal income tax evaluation, your Wealth Health advisor seeks to effectively plan your investment portfolio with taxes in mind.

The key to designing an appropriate investment portfolio is to match the individual's objectives with the expected results of the portfolio.

At Wealth Health, your portfolio is designed with great care and intended to meet your specific goals for cash flow, retirement, liquidity, intergenerational gifting, and other lifetime objectives.

In addition to meeting your needs, a sound investment portfolio must also meet your risk tolerance. Each Wealth Health portfolio deals with the individual client's ability to handle risk and avoids the use of generalizations when diagnosing risk tolerance. The ability to 'sleep at night' is vital to your emotional, psychological, physical, and Wealth Health.

Before and after the assessment, implementation, and monitoring or your Wealth Health investment portfolio, your advisor and the Wealth Health Investment Team assesses the current state of the domestic and world economies.

The thorough evaluation of global markets, investment trends, interest rates, fiscal and monetary policy, geopolitical situations, and other current events keeps you informed and your portfolio well positioned for the economic environments that lay ahead.

Through the integration of your annual cash flow, the growth on your investment assets, and the proper utilization of your retirement plans, Wealth Health manages your financial situation so that you have the assets and income needed to meet your retirement objectives.

Wealth Health builds an appropriate asset allocation based on the initial goals set in your financial plan. To achieve this, Wealth Health allocates your assets amongst cash, stocks, short & long-term bonds, real estate, commodities, and other alternative investments.

All Wealth Health portfolios are continually monitored to assure that your objectives remain on target. Monthly, quarterly, and annual rebalancing of your portfolio in addition to top-level asset allocation review helps to ensure that your investment portfolio stays in line with your long-term objectives.

In addition to asset allocation, Wealth Health pays great attention to your specific asset location needs. The proper allocation of your assets across your taxable, non-taxable, company benefit, and trust accounts can add tremendous value to the success of your portfolio.

Building the appropriate asset allocation/location based on your goals begins the process of Wealth Health's Wealth Management.

Once the appropriate asset allocation has been determined, your Wealth Health advisor implements the investment of your portfolio through various investment vehicles (index funds, ETF's, mutual funds, separate accounts, etc.).

With many years of experience and vast knowledge of investment markets, the Wealth Health Investment Advisory Team selects investments through an exhaustive due diligence and screening process designed at providing you with the best management available.

Wealth Health's active money managers are hand-picked from thousands of available investment managers and evaluated on countless aspects of their investment discipline, including manager tenure & experience, 3, 5, & 10-year returns, risk characteristics, performance v. benchmarks, risk-adjusted returns, and other talent based statistics.

After implementation, Wealth Health regularly monitors passive and active portfolio investments to ensure their appropriateness in your portfolio.

At Wealth Health, we believe that properly evaluating your portfolio requires you to have the right statistical feedback. To accomplish this, Wealth Health regularly provides you with highly sophisticated and detailed investment account reports which illustrate the past and present of your Wealth Health portfolio.

Analytical measures of pre & after-tax performance, performance against relevant benchmarks, Time-Weighted & Internal Rates of Return, portfolio income characterization, realized and unrealized gains and losses, asset and style allocations versus target allocations, and portfolio efficient frontier analysis allow you and your Wealth Health advisor to most effectively monitor the path of your wealth.

Making Sure Your Money Meets Your Needs

Whether it's income, growth, or preservation, our process helps us tailor your portfolio to meet your emotional and financial needs.

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