Income Tax Preparation & Compliance

We know that your busy schedule and limited time gives you little opportunity to deal with all of the integrated aspects of your finances. In addition, we understand the pressure that comes with filing your income tax returns on a timely basis and paying your income tax liability. As such, an integral part on Wealth Health's one source convenience is our comprehensive income tax preparation and compliance.

As part of the comprehensive financial planning process, your Wealth Health advisory team analyzes your personal income tax situation and prepares annual projections designed to uncover tax savings opportunities and estimates of your annual tax liabilities. These projections serve not only as an analytical tool, but also as the primary reference for preparing your annual income taxes.

The fragmentation of your financial services and the complexity of income tax rules often lead to the disorderly preparation of your income taxes. The preparation process frequently lacks the communication required to ensure the seamless preparation of your federal and state tax returns. This lack of coordination can lead to errors, omissions, amendments, penalties, and late filings of your required documents.

Knowing the intimate details of your annual income tax situation allows Wealth Health to avoid the common pitfalls of income tax preparation. The convenience of having your income tax returns prepared in coordination with your comprehensive financial plan and asset management needs provides an invaluable benefit that allows you to stay focused on those things that are most important in your busy life.

Wealth Health's income tax preparation and income tax compliance service provides preparation of annual income tax projections, quarterly estimated income tax payments, and federal and state income tax returns. Wealth Health also prepares gift, estate, trust, and corporate tax returns. Please contact your Wealth Health advisor for more information regarding the preparation of your income tax returns.

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